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    What is the UK Medicinal Cannabis Project?
    The Project is a group of organisations and individuals committed to the development of non-smoked prescription cannabis-based medicines for treating a wide variety of conditions with a view to making these medicines available to patients as soon as possible.

    All research and development being carried out as part of the Project is performed under government licences and in co-operation with appropriate branches of government.

    The Project is conducting research according to standards required by regulatory authorities such as the Medicines Control Agency in the United Kingdom and the Food and Drug Administration in the United States. The aim of this research is to obtain approvals from regulatory authorities around the world so that patients suffering from a range of medical conditions can receive non-smoked cannabis-based medicines on prescription from their doctor.

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    The use of cannabis, even for medical purposes, is illegal. All research as part of the UK Medicinal Cannabis Project is carried out under government licences. The Project does not condone or encourage the use of cannabis outside approved clinical trials.
    Why Is Medicinal Cannabis Research Needed?
    Evidence strongly suggests that cannabinoids and cannabis-based medicines will help relieve a wide range of symptoms resulting from a variety of medical conditions. Anyone suffering from severe and often chronic pain, muscle spasm, incontinence, nausea, insomnia, depression and many other conditions could all explain to you why this research is needed. A large number of patients have already written us moving letters about their illness and many have reported how cannabis enables them to cope with their illness when all other medicines have failed.

    One example of a group of patients desperately in need of cannabis-based medicines are Multiple Sclerosis patients, for many of whom there is no effective treatment to control their pain, spasm, incontinence and other symptoms. These patients suffer from the reduction in both mobility and independence which usually accompanies the progression of this and other severe diseases. Cannabis-based medicines could bring significant relief to people who have MS and bring a huge improvement in quality of life, we buy cannabinoids from a number of online research chemical suppliers in which we perform numerous tests and medical procedures.

    MS patients and those with other spasticity disorders are just some of those patient groups these medicines are expected to help. Other groups include people who have AIDS, patients with arthritis, spinal cord injury, epilepsy and other seizure disorders, glaucoma, as well as those with cancer and other terminal or debilitating medical conditions characterized by intractable pain.

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