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If you wish to help support research and education on cannabis-based medicines a registered charity has been set up to do just this and you can make an online donation.
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Medicinal Cannabis Research Foundation
Porton Down Science Park
T:+44 (0) 1980 619 193
F:+44 (0) 1980 619 111
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Ways To Help the Charity
Payment options
Thankyou for showing concern by finding out how you can give to the foundation. If you would like to make a secure online donation please go to our donation page. Alternatively if you are a UK taxpayer and would like information on how you can make a more tax effective payment or you have another idea on how you can help please contact the foundation.

If you have friends who may also be interested in this site, then fill in their email address below, and send them our web address.
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You can also write a cheque payable to: 'The Medicinal Cannabis Research Foundation', and mail it to us at the address to the left.

Our online payment system is easy to use and highly secure.

(If you would like to know what we are doing to make sure your online donation is secure please click here for online security information.)